Professional tour guides of Florence

"...for your tours to Florence, Tuscany
and the most enchanting places in Italy!"

Our Philosophy

We like to choose what and when to visit according to the time we have available. 
Better less but good!

Simple, good and local food: we are open to every tasting experience but we want to eat Ribollita in Florence, Sushi in Japan and Smoked Salmon in Scandinavia!
Food does reflect a country's soul!

Before a trip we love to read novels, guidebooks, travel magazines: it's our way to live the country as a local.
Reading is already part of the journey!

We never forget to have a look at local events' programs: we don't want to loose any unmissable occasion! Concerts, sport competitions, food markets, religious or historical parades ...
The country's culture is more than postcards or museums!

Our luggage is full of ideas ... and comfortable shoes to walk!
Small details make a pleasant trip!

We always travel with a light waterproof jacket, a notebook to capture our emotions, a big scarf to protect ourselves from the sun, to wear it in churches or to lay on the grass for an unexpected pic-nic ...
Our world fits in small travel bags!

Taking pictures is one of our passions and we would love to take them everywhere. But we are careful not to use the flash if it's not admitted. 
The first quality of a good photographer is the sense of respect of places and people!

We will never speak Japanes or Finnish (maybe!) but everywhere we go we try to learn a few words: Buongiorno, Per Favore, Grazie ... and why not ... Mangiare! 
And when we are short of words, we use our hands!